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About This Campaign

Launching in 2019, the “I Heart Tech Students” campaign raises funds for areas that help students with unforeseen obstacles. This year’s campaign highlights Tech’s Accessible Education Center, Counseling Center, Eagle Assistance Grant, Food Pantry, and Health Services – five areas on campus whose mission is to help students during tough times. While the campaign focuses on these five areas, any gift of any amount to any area on campus will be counted as part of the 2021 "I Heart Tech Students" campaign.

A Word From President Phil Oldham

“Last year gave us the opportunity to witness the infinite depth and power of the human spirit. Here on our beloved campus, we conquered so many challenges. Faculty and staff converted every traditional in-person class to online in just two weeks last March. That seemed impossible, but we did it nonetheless. Over and over again, we rise to the occasion and do the impossible because that’s what we do and that’s what we are capable of.”

I Heart Tech Students 2021

Who could have predicted the challenges students would face in 2020? On Mar. 3, tornadoes devastated Middle Tennessee, and just a few weeks later, COVID-19 changed the way we all live, work and learn.

But thanks to donor support, Tech students persevered. If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that we cannot predict what challenges will come our way. But what we can do is ensure that funds are in place when students need help.

Your gift to the “I Heart Tech Students” campaign ensures that a lack of food, finances or emotional support will not stand in the way of a student completing a college degree.

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Accessible Education Center
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Eagle Assistance Grant
Food Pantry
Health Services

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